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I am Shreeja Medak and I am basically from Bangalore. You can say that I am a calm person and don't like to be angry or jealous. I am an honest and sincere person of high values. And Cheap escorts in Bangalore also.   

 By profession, I am a businesswoman. My friends would describe me as kind, ambitious, smart and an intelligent woman who has an amazing sense of humour. You can also say that I am a beauty with brain. In my spare time, I love travelling. Well, my work allows me to travel to a different city every month. I also do exhibitions and events in all cities. My dream is to expand my business to an international level. Cheap escorts in Bangalore will make you develop also.

I am a Cheap escorts in Bangalore and I love to communicate with people. I always try to be optimistic, and that helps me understand everything easily. When I was a kid I always wanted to something different and not a daily job. I used to collect accessories of my mother and would make something unique from it. Soon, I realized that this is something I should do in the future and I started my own business of accessories.

 I am earning enough from my business. So, I do not need a rich man or his money. I can buy my diamonds. I just need a man who can understand me, comfort me and help me in my bad days and that’s it. I do not ask for more. I am not a girl who wants prince charming for her but I want a gentleman who can open doors for me, who can love me unconditionally and someone with everyone I can spend the rest of my life with. If you are a gentleman with a cute smile, then drop me a text.

You can also invest so much more, to the extent of buying her flowers and being with Cheap escorts in Bangalore.

There are many Cheap escorts in Bangalore offering good service but I belong to the different league of escort service providing out of the world experience. However, there are not many who can offer a delightful as me. even though clients might find that exceptional value for money. By that I mean an escort who comes from the edge of the country.

I have brown hair, which flows sexily around my sensual shoulders. And have blue eyes that almost seem to be sexy in some lights. I have worked hard to master our language of an Cheap escorts in Bangalore. Being bisexual, I can provide a full girlfriend experience for both males and females. This makes me able to offer a more complete package to my clients.

Hindi, English
Hindi, English

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