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Me: I am someone who is very kind and always wish good to other people. I don't like to speak behind the back, instead, I talk openly and honestly. I have seen people who wear two faces, and I hate it. I seriously tell them if you have any problem, talk to me, I don't mind. But people are so busy gossiping that they never realize what they are losing. So, politely I clarify the matter and tell them whenever you don't like anything about anyone, tell them and help them to correct his or her mistake. Bangalore Russian escort are always in demand due to their origin. That's how I treat people, with respect and not being rude. That's how my family raised me and I learned a lot from them. That's why self-development is an important moment in my life, and now I clearly know that it's time to settle down. One thing I forgot to tell you, if I suggest something, don't think there is some hidden motto, it clear cut thought that Bangalore Russian escort are the best.

You: Someone who respects me and my feelings. Someone who makes me laugh with his charm and make light of a situation. And someone on whom I can put trust wholly and whose loyalty is always with me.

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Curious about various lifestyles, cultures, people, history, and everything that shapes us into what we are and what we as a human beings long for. Longing for attention, connection, being heard and being seen. I am even more curious about the sexuality of both men and women.

Hindi, English
Hindi, English

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