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I am Komal Pandey and I am basically from Bangalore. In childhood, I wanted to be a model, but something went wrong and I forgot about this dream. As you can see, I try to look like a model. Well, jokes aside I'm a fashion influencer and You Tuber and I make contents on style, fashion, and beauty. Besides my cuteness, it's important to see my inner world and its beauty. I’m enough smart and well-educated woman. And wanted to be a Bangalore independent escorts.

As I said I always wanted to be a model. There was a phase where I was focusing on my studies but then I realized that this is not what I want in my career and I became a fashion influencer. I like reading in my spare time. Well, I respect honesty in people. I can't stand when people lie to me. Especially in relations with the man, I respect honesty and sincere with Bangalore independent escorts. I believe that kindness is something everyone should have in them.

Well, I also love hiking and travelling and I am also a national level football player yeah! That might sound weird but that's true. Bangalore independent escorts this takes a lot of travelling too.

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I am looking for someone who is smart, intelligent, crazy and honest. I want my partner to full of life and a happy person. I am seeking someone with whom I can see my future. Someone who can spend time with me and who gives me the first priority.

I want a guy who is emotional and sweet and someone who can take me to my favourite city ‘Dehradun’ on holidays. If you think that you can be my match then drop a message.

I asked him to meet at a nearby lounge and he asked if we could meet for coffee the next afternoon at 3:30 PM instead and suggested one down by the mall. That night in bed, I was feeling amorous and began to softly caress his thighs.

We can have shower together and get ready. Ready for what? Bangalore independent escorts. We just might to get your fantasy filled tonight. Maybe even beyond your wildest dreams. I can kiss you so deeply and with my hand I can cares the outline of your cock which was straining at the fabric of his trousers. I could see a wet spot near the top as it began leaking. I mean your fantasy won’t be the only thing that’s filled tonight.

I put on make-up and dress sexy, well at least somewhat since he’s pretty conservative. After some small talk and drinks, I usually dance a bit and try to get to know one another but he’d always end up telling me that they were either too old, too hairy, too smelly, too grabby or too something. Get off from the world of noises, stress, and hustle and enter the world of relaxation, pleasure, and fun with Bangalore independent escorts.

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