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I am a musician, would be an actor and you can also call me a philosopher. I love playing different-different music instruments like guitar, piano, and drums. I have my own band called "Dreamers". And one dream of mine is to be with Bangalore escort agency.

I always wanted to be a musician. About my family, my dad is a doctor and my mother is a house wife. I got these genes from my father as he used to sing at stage show at night or in his part time. He never stops singing even today he sings at every get-together or a function. My dad is the life of any party. Me too is a live of Bangalore escort agency.

More about my life, there was this christen family in our neighborhood who shifted two years ago in this society. They used to come to our home every weekend and we used to enjoy week offs together. His name was Karen. He was the only child of his family. Karen was also used to come with his family in week off. As I can work with Bangalore escort agency in my own convenes.

By the time flies, we started developing feelings for each other. We used to hang out more together than before. We would celebrate every holiday and function together. He used to come to my each and every event.

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Everything was going perfect and then one day my family got to know about our affair. They separated us and didn’t even give us a chance to say good bye to each other. His family moved into a new city and my parents didn’t allow me to go outside my home until they moved to another city. This gave me another chance to Bangalore escort agency.

I just hate the society. What if he was supposed to be a Hindu! Then also society would separate us? I just cannot believe how my parents can do something like this with me. I have now become the person that I don’t care about anyone what people say about you or what they talk behind your back!

I just need someone who can make me believe in love all over again.

I am ideal sexy Bangalore escort agency babe is the one with average figure not too slim not too fat. A smiling face with inviting eyes and rosy lips. long hair and soft velvety skin with glowing complexion who doesn't always need make-up to look hot, the one who has brain and doesn't cry at the drop of hat. Fashion conscious but not too much quality conscious, just have good dressing sense and knows how to carry herself in full sense of feminist respect in a adorable way.

A Bangalore escort agency woman feels beautiful within, from the love I gives to your ideas and the creative ways expresses my soul. Which can make one feel out of the world.

Hindi, English

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